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[Delphonics] Rollbahn memo with pocket clear each color

Sale price¥825

Rollbahn pocket memo with plastic cover (L size)
Rollbahn is popular for its "simple and timeless design" and "ease of use". Introducing the Rollbahn Pocket Memo with plastic material on the cover.
It is a popular clear type cover in the Rollbahn Diary. It has a smooth texture that is resistant to fingerprints, and has a soft texture and a light frosted glass-like texture. Because it is a plastic material, it is resistant to stains and scratches, and is durable. The inside is plain on the 1st page and 5mm grid with perforations on the 2nd and subsequent pages. The paper is cream-colored high-quality paper, so you don't have to worry about ink bleeding or show-through. There is a clear pocket at the end of the book.
Available in 4 colors: clear, clear pink, clear blue, and clear gray. The clear gray has a cool and unisex atmosphere with black on the ring and logo.
The size is close to B6 and the popular L size. There are also small mini, M, and one size larger A5 sizes. A stylish book.

Material: Paper, PP
Country of Origin: Japan
Size: Width 143 x Height 182 x Thickness 15mm
Specifications: 5mm grid/140 pages/separating perforations/with 5 PP pockets